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This is your first stop for answers regarding your 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing system. For easy reference, the questions are divided into 3 Sections: 1) 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing, 2) 24/7 Quality Leads, and 3) VST Builder.

24/7 MultiMedia Marketing

Question: What are the different components of 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing?, 24/7 Quality Leads, WTPowers and VST Builder.

Q: In addition to being a tool, is each component it’s own separate business opportunity?

A: Each component is not so much a business opportunity as an integrated tool that develops into a separate income stream.  Once you have moderate success, all of these tools become self funding (they don't cost you anything) and ultimately they generate HUGE residual income streams.

Q: What does “CLOSED-LOOP,  READY-TO-USE PROSPECTING SYSTEM” mean, and how does it work?

A: 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing is a tried and true closed loop system.  It is considered “closed loop” because it handles all aspects of marketing your business without anything “slipping through the cracks.” 

24/7 MultiMedia Marketing is the most effective cold market system ever created because it does 99% of the work for you, including:

=> 100% of the cold calling
100% of the contacting
100% of the inviting
100% of the sorting
100% of the qualifying
100% of the presenting
99.9% of the follow up
99.99% of the closing
99.999% of the selling (let's not get greedy) and even...
95% of the training

The system is “closed loop" because it utilizes several seamlessly integrated components:

1. Acquire fresh, qualified leads off the Internet.
2. Import the leads into your autoresponders.
Sit back while the automated system sends out a series of compelling email messages directing people to your website.
4. Live your life while the 24/7 automated system works every hour of every day and follow up endlessly for you.
Once your prospects have been to your website, the "right" candidates will request more information or automatically enroll in your business (just like you did).
6. Call your highly interested prospects and new team members with your sponsor and teach them to do the same thing.  

Q: Why do the 24/7 Quality Leads, WTPowers and VST Builder offer similar or overlapping services?

A: They do have some overlapping services but we only use the best components of each to maximize the effectiveness of your system.  We also do not use any component/tool that does not pay a commission.

Q: Do all components come together under the 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing System for one price?

A: No, each component is priced and purchased separately.

Q: How are payments received from these programs? 

A: Each company either sends you a monthly check or electronically transfers your commissions into your PayPal or bank account.

Q: Is the overall idea just to take the best components/tools from each company and leave the rest?


Q: By joining 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing do I automatically join all the other components, or do I need to register for each one separately?

A: You will need to complete the one-time enrollment process for each component separately.  We provide detailed instructions for joining each one online and putting your system together.  

Q: So how does 24/7 incorporate all of this?

A: Read through the System section (including all links) at your member's only website All the details are laid out there.

Q: If I qualify, what is the total initial investment to get started?

A: The initial investment is as follows:

=> 24/7 Quality Leads …............... $399.95 per month.
=> VST Builder ............................. $99.95 per month.

=> WTPowers Movie ...................... $39.95 per month.

=> 5 Domain Names ..................... $50.00/per month ($10/each)

TOTAL …..............…................... $389.85.

*(minus any earned commissions and/or until your system becomes FREE).

Note: Please Check with your sponsor for the initial investment of the primary companies your 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing system will be promoting.

Q: What do you mean that we are only looking to choose 6-12 leaders per year?

A: A leader is someone highly motivated who takes “the bull by the horns” and runs with it.  We are all looking for people who know "where they want to be" in life and are willing to do anything that is legally, morally and ethically right to get there. You only need a handful of leaders to be wildly successful.  Click here to see some projections.

Q: What happens if I pay all dues, get up and running, and my computer crashes?  How do I back-up, or in worst case scenario - can I get all necessary materials re-sent to me again?  

A: All of the information is stored on the Internet.  Nothing on your computer will affect the operation of your 24/7 system.    

Q: Do I need to be able to design websites and write HTML?

A: All of the design work, including the websites, the autoresponder campaigns, and hundreds of animated email messages have been written for you.  All you need to do is "plug into" the system, follow instructions and work hard. 

24/7 Quality Leads

Q: Which 24/7 Quality Leads Membership is most advisable to start off with?

A: We highly recommend the Monthly Gold 10,000 Quality Leads Membership because it is the level that we see a dramatic rise in results and team growth.  Check out these figures.

Q: Isn’t 10,000 monthly prospects an awful lot to start off with if one wants to guarantee valuable follow-up with all?

A: 10,000 leads is the perfect amount to ensure a high degree of success.  The key to the success of 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing is major exposure (120,000 leads and over 7 million emails per year) plus timely follow up by the system.

24/7 MultiMedia Marketing does all the follow up with your prospects.  The system will follow up with 10,000 monthly prospects indefinitely.  We strongly advise against spending a lot of time trying to call people when the system will do it for you.  This way, you only talk to highly qualified prospects ... people like you.

Q: Is it possible to join at a lower level and upgrade to the 10,000 Quality Leads at a later stage?

A: Yes, at any time, but remember ...  The key to the success of 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing is major exposure and your 10,000 Autoresponder Leads Membership will provide the most dramatic results and team growth.  Anything less will lengthen the time it takes to sponsor new members ... and will likely cost much more in the long run.

Q: How will I receive my leads?

A: Your leads will automatically imported into your VST Builder autoresponder campaigns each month.

VST Builder

Q: Doesn’t WTPowers include an autoresponder?

A: WTPowers provides an autoresponder that follows up with people after they have been to your 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing site.  It keeps your name in front of interested people.  It is part of the “closed loop” system that leaves no stone unturned. The system follows up to drive people to your site; qualifies, sorts, presents and sells while they are at the site; and even follows up with them after they have been to the site. 

WTPowers does not offer an autoresponder that competes with VST Builder. We use VST Builder to drive traffic to our websites. We use WTPowers to educate and follow up with people who have been to our sites.

Check Back Often: This entire website and the FAQ section in particular is constantly being updated and improved.  Be sure to visit often to learn the secrets to Internet Wealth.


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