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Cyber Marketing On Autopilot!

Can there be any question that the coming years will bring massive growth in online commerce and communications?  We are all embarking on a wonderful voyage into the Internet Century.  The 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing™ Team saw this potential several years ago and staked a claim to this new "goldmine."  We have combined all of the most effective "Internet Friendly" components into one seamless, integrated system. 

With our integrated system, your prospects and team members have access to all of these timesaving, business building tools 24 hours a day.  24/7 MultiMedia Marketing™ is a passive, paperless system that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cultivate and deliver new team members and a highly productive distribution network. 

Picture your sponsoring activities like a funnel.  As long as you keep "pouring" prospects into the large end of the funnel, the system will weed out the "tire kickers" and highly interested prospects and new members will flow out of the other end.  We will show you and help you drive traffic to this site and let the system do the bulk of the work for you.

The Basic Components of 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing are described below:

  • Consistent FREE Lead Generation - This is how we fill your funnel. Each member of our (and your) team receives 10,000 fresh new leads each and every month. With very limited success (by just sponsoring 4 members who each sponsors 4 members),  their system becomes FREE for Life.  Imagine the growth in your business when you have 10, 20, 100, or even 1,000s of team members each receiving FREE leads every single month.

  • Autoresponders -  Leads are automatically imported into the Autoresponder System described below. Emails are sent out on a regular schedule by the system. Your prospects receive a series of 12 follow up emails during the first 30 days and then continue to receive emails indefinitely.  Each of the follow up emails: 1) Explains the business and our amazing 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing System, 2) Keeps your name consistently in front of your prospects 3) Sorts out those who are not interested, and most importantly 4) Drives traffic to your website (with a hyperlink) to sell the business for you. 

  • Your ePortal Site - Compelling e-business websites and your paperless "Back Office" Accounting System are integrated components of 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing.  Your prospects will educate themselves, qualify themselves, and either request more information or automatically join your business online. You have multiple Internet income streams with your 24/7 & primary business. You are always completely connected and able to check on your team, volume and business through the Internet.

  • Email - Imagine sending out 200, 2,000 or even 20,000 sales or training messages in less time than it takes to make one phone call. Now, compare the cost of 20,000 personalized letters (over $10,000) to the cost of 20,000 Emails (about $20).  With our systems, you can send thousands of personalized messages to your prospects and distributors as if you had personally typed each message.

  • (This Site) - Explains the benefits of our proprietary, revolutionary system, how it works, its potential, and the entire 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing™ system in details.  You would not be reading this now if you did not recognize the value of this powerful and compelling website. 

    Remember, this entire process requires none of your time or effort.  The only time you get involved is after your "ready, willing, & able to buy" prospects have requested information or enrolled at your website. 

    Time Is Money

    Autoresponders are one of these most ingenious and cost-efficient tools available today.  With these ingenious products, you can prospect and follow up 100s or even 1000s of people without ever lifting a finger.  Once they have seen enough to know that they are interested, they either contact you or enroll, and only then do you get involved. 

    These valuable time and aggravation saving tools are embedded into the system and the websites.  Your prospects and distributors will automatically initiate a series of personalized email messages that will act as an automatic follow up system.  You do not need to do a thing until they proactively indicate that they want to talk to you. 

    Do you understand the importance of follow up for developing familiarity with your prospects?  It is this familiarity which leads to a relationship which ultimately leads to a profitable business relationship.  Follow up, not skill, is the most important factor in building a successful business.  But who has the time for tedious, manual follow up?

    Experts will tell you that it takes 3-7 contacts before the "average" prospect responds to your inquiries.  Now, you have a choice.  You can make a ton of phone calls, manually send a bunch of e-mails, or send hard copy letters.  We choose to do it "automatically" using autoresponders.  The initial response and subsequent follow up e-mails (programmed to go out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) occur without any manual intervention.

    Put the power of technology to work for you today!  Use your autoresponders as "reply to" addresses in your e-mails and your prospects and distributors will automatically start the series themselves.  We also have an automatic training series that delivers training to your new distributors at predefined time intervals. We will create additional autoresponder series as the need arises.

    It is really amazing what you can accomplish when you have the power of the Internet harnessed for you in one simple, complete, and easy to use system.  But don't take our word for it, plug yourself into our 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing System and see how simple it really is.

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