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There have been several major paradigm shift products over the last 100 years... products that literally changed the way we live our lives. Two of the most important paradigm shift products ever conceived are the computer and the Internet. 

Despite the evolution of these amazing tools, most in the Network Marketing industry still promote their business with "old school" methods and tools... the equivalent of doing business with a wooden wheel.

We are not here to knock techniques that have worked for millions of people for 40 years; we just offer a new and vastly improved tool. Which system do you think most busy people today would prefer... one that does more than 95% of the work for you, or one where you do more than 95% of the work? Take a peek at the "Evolutionary Table" below and decide for yourself.

Hi Tech, Hi Touch, or Both?
  Old School 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing
Cold Calling Pick up the phone and start "dialing for dollars." Live your life while 24/7 sends out 1,000s of emails a month."
Contacting Send out direct mail letters, post cards, and attend trade shows. Live your life while 24/7 contacts 1,000s of fresh, new  prospects for you each month."
Prospecting Hand out business cards, tapes, brochures, videos, and samples to everyone you meet. Live your life while 24/7 delivers compelling HTML (web page) emails to 1,000s of prospects each month.
Inviting Learn and employ the scripts and techniques for convincing others to attend meetings and/ or interviews. Live your life while 24/7 directs prospects to your web sites every single hour of every single day.
Meetings Spend hours upon hours at weekly meetings and home parties waiting for guests who rarely show up.  Live your life while 24/7 attends hundreds of meetings with prospects online. Never get stood up again and build your e-business from the comfort of your own home.
Sorting Spend 1,000s of hours sorting through 1,000s of people until you find a few leaders. Live your life while 24/7 sorts through tens of 1,000s of prospects until it find dozens of leaders.
Presenting Spend at least an hour with each appointment or interview showing them your business. Live your life while the web sites and Flash movies present your business to each of the  prospects that 24/7 directed to your sites.
Follow Up Make countless phone calls, send out countless post cards, and attend countless interviews or appointments. Live your life while 24/7 does 99.99% of the follow up for you. This includes the follow up before your prospects visit your site and after.
Closing vs. Enrolling 3-way call with your sponsor or team leader to overcome objections and close. 3-way call with your sponsor or team leader to answer questions and assist with enrollment.
Training Spend thousands of hours with your new distributors to find out who will actually go to work. Send an automated training series to each new team member with "homework assignments" to find out who is willing to work. Work with those who are working. 
Selling Learn, employ, and teach others all of the techniques of cold calling, contacting, inviting, prospecting, sorting, interviewing, and closing. Enjoy your life and your business because there is no selling involved with the non-confrontational, rejection free, completely duplicatable 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing system.

When you compare 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing to "old school" it really doesn't seem all that fair, does it?

The choice is yours. Spend your valuable time chasing after prospects or let 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing bring "ready, willing, and able" prospects to you. Then spend your valuable time teaching, coaching, supporting and serving your team.

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