24/7 Financial Recap

24/7 MultiMedia Marketing™ is a "closed loop" system that is highly efficient, completely duplicatable, and easily affordable. After enrollment, the first step in the process is to convert your marketing system from an expense into an income stream.

Once you have joined our team, focus on the simple formula, "Just tell 4 and pay no more." Do you know anybody who would object to a FREE multimedia marketing system which includes 10,000 leads per month and 600,000 targeted HTML emails a month?

Here's how it works (and boy does it):

  • Leads - 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing provides fresh, qualified, confirmed leads, pays a $40 commission for your Gold personal enrollments and a WHOPPING $180 for the Gold members on your second level. 24/7 also pays you through 7 levels of referrals. This means that once your members start using the system your leads will become FREE. Teach your team members to do the same thing and their leads are absolutely FREE. Continue this process and you will have hundreds or even THOUSANDS OF MEMBERS EACH RECEIVING FREE LEADS EACH MONTH.
  • WTPowers - the company that provides our dynamic flash presentation pays you a $14 commission for your personal PRO enrollments. They also pay you through 6 levels of referrals.  This means that once your members start using the system, your flash presentations will become FREE!  Teach your team members to do the same thing and their flash presentations will become absolutely FREE. 

  • Global Responder - the autoresponder that sends out our 600,000 emails a month is very different than other autoresponders out there. This system is exclusive to our Virtual Success Team and requires a members only access.  Your Gold membership includes 25,000 phone leads to give away to your new members. Giving away free leads to paid members will create a wave of activity in your business.  

  • Global Domains International (GDI) - is a revolutionary Virtual Franchise providing websites, domains names, website hosting, email accounts, and a tremendous income opportunity for those who are serious about creating residual income from home.

  • Success University - Access more than 50 of the greatest minds of our time … Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Doug Firebaugh, Denis Waitley and many others. These industry leaders have coached Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams and the most successful entrepreneurs in the business world. Success University is already the #1 most visited website in this explosive growth industry. Earn commissions by referring others to these fantastic resources. 

24/7 Income Potential

The following chart shows the commissions earned from 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing, not including commissions earned from the primary companies. The top line represents the 24/7 gold members you personally sponsor, the second level shows the gold members they sponsor, and the third level represents the gold members they in turn sponsor, and so on.


Personally Sponsored     You Earn   $   59/month
                2nd Level Members          You Earn   $ 187/month
                3rd Level Members           You Earn   $   31/month
                4th Level Members           You Earn   $   31/month
                5th Level Members           You Earn   $   31/month
6th Level Members           You Earn   $   26/month
                7th Level Members           You Earn   $   24/month


Now let's take a look at the income potential when your team duplicates. With modest success (each member simply sponsoring 7 gold members) duplicated for 2 levels, your team will include 56 highly productive members ... 7 first level and 49 second level.


     1st Level         7 Members  You Earn   $      413/month
                2nd Level     49 Members  You Earn    $   9,163/month
                      56 Members  You Earn   $    9,576/month


All of the commissions shown here are earned from 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing and are in addition to the commissions earned from your primary company. We defy anyone to find another marketing system that PAYS YOU over $114,912 a year residual income with a team of just 56 members. 

As you can see, 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing will not only help you explode your primary business ... it will also become a  self-generating income stream in it's own right.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Convert your marketing expenses into diversified income streams.  

Number Of Team Members 

Expenses Income Net Monthly Income
=> 0 Members  $640.00 $00.00 ($640.00)
=> 1 Member (1st level) $640.00 59.00 ($581.00)
=> 2 Members (1st Level) $640.00 118.00 (522.00)
=> 3 Members (1st Level) $640.00 177.00 (463.00)
=> 4 Members (1st Level) $640.00 236.00 (404.00)
=> 12 Members (3 on 1st, 9 on 2nd) $640.00 1860.00 $1,220.00
=> 20 Members (4 on 1st, 16 on 2nd) $640.00 3,228.00 $2,588.00
=> 30 Members (5 on 1st, 25 on 2nd) $640.00 4,970.00 $4,330.00
=> 42 Members (6 on 1st, 36 on 2nd) $640.00 7,086.00 $6,446.00
=> 56 Members (7 on 1st, 49 on 2nd) $640.00 9,576.00 $8,936.00

With 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing, you own your marketing system with the potential of eliminating your marketing costs and earning secondary residual income.  For each member you personally enroll, you earn $59 per month. When you assist your members, you earn $187 per month for second level enrollments. You also earn $24-$31on levels 3 through 7, which we haven't even factored into the above ROI. By simply focusing on the success of your team, you quickly turn your marketing expenses into a highly profitable income stream.

Cost Overview

Business Building Tools:

24/7 Quality Gold Leads ... $399.95 per month
Global Responder 120 ... $199.95 Setup, $99.95 per month.
WTPowers ... $39.95 per month.
5 Domain Names ... $50 per month ($10/each).
Success University ... $149.95 to join, $49.95 per month


Just Tell 4 - Pay No More!!

Typical Member - 10,000 leads & 4 Gold team members 
1 personal member and 3 members on level 2.)

Monthly Cost 

Expenses Income Net Cost
=> GDI (Domains & email) 50.00 20.00 30.00
=> 24/7 Gold Leads (10,000 optin leads) 400.00 580.00 (180.00)
=> VST Builder (Autoresponder) 100.00 0.00 100.00
=> WTPowers (flash movie) 40.00 20.00 20.00
=> Success University (personal growth) 50.00 20.00 30.00
=> 247members.com (Member’s Website) 00.00 00.00 00.00
Total Cost 10,000 Lead System  $640.00 $640.00 $0.00

A FREE system!

** With each additional 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing enrollment on your first 7 levels, you earn $24 - $187 per month in residual income.  From there, the sky is truly the limit!

The Best Part

Since the 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing compensation plan offers true infinity bonuses, every lead on your team is like a lead for you. Can you imagine the impact on your business of 70, 700 or even 7,000 team members each receiving 10,000 FREE leads a month? The following chart shows the power of the system if everyone simply enrolls one new member each month. 

FREE Leads For Everyone (geometric growth)


Your Leads  Team Size Team Leads Email Exposures
=> One (just you) 10,000 1 10,000 600,000
=> Three (you + 1) 30,000 2 40,000 1,200,000
=> Five (2+2) 50,000 4 80,000 2,400,000
=> Seven (4+4) 70,000 8 120,000 4,800,000

Where else can you get more than 4.8 million exposures a month for FREE? The above  numbers assume that everyone enrolls just .001%  of the leads they receive in the first 6 months. Are you beginning to see the BIG PICTURE? Remember, a lead for your team is a lead for you.  And the above chart is for 8 team members... imagine the exposure and growth of your business when you have 80 or 800 or 8,000 team members!!!

Finally, a system that works for you instead of the other way around.

Make a one year commitment and watch 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing go to work for you and your team!  With a serious effort on your part, you'll be amazed with the results.  Simply get back with the person who invited you to this website, make the quality choice to join our team, and have 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing work for you ...  24/7!  


* Disclaimer: Your earnings and results are highly dependent on your individual efforts and results. This web page constitutes no guarantees of any income,  whether stated nor implied. Any earnings projections shown on this website are for example and educational purposes only. Actual results will vary according to each individual member's activity. In general, the more you work the plan the better your results.


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