Success Stories from people just like you.

The people listed below are ordinary in every sense of the word, except they all possess one very important trait... a burning desire to succeed and create a better life for them and their families. If you share our goals and unflinching commitment to success, please join us in making history.

  • "24/7 MultiMedia Marketing has eliminated the need for me to talk to a
    whole lot of people that are not interested in my business opportunity.  I can honestly say that I have never experienced a system that has made such cost effective use of my time and money.  After just 60 days, I am now able to promote several businesses online without spending a dime out of my pocket.  24/7 MultiMedia Marketing is the only system that makes sense to me."
    --- John Finke, Wisconsin ---


  • "After spending two decades in the aircraft manufacturing industry, I realized that I was a slave to my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).  I was looking for more quality time with my family and friends.  I decided to start a  home-based business after seeing several friends transform their lives while working from home.

    I have been successful with several companies over the last few years and have reached my goal of not being a slave to a J.O.B.   I did it in five years working part time.

    The time and effort invested in my 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing business has been especially rewarding because I have been able to help many others to succeed while securing my financial future.  With the speed of the Internet, 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing and these fantastic tools, the sky is the limit." 
    --- Tom Barbieri, New York ---


  • "I have never seen a system that is so simple and duplicatible.  The amazing thing is that anyone can use it... regardless of background or talent.  Thanks to this superior system, my team has grown from 6 people to over 20,000 in 3 years.  The best part is, it happened while I was doing other things.  There's no catch here.  With 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing the sky really is the limit!"
    --- Christy Lester, Wisconsin ---


    "I must tell you that in the last three weeks, I have personally sponsored 98 new members.  I didn't do this by knowing more or being more skillful than others.  I did this by taking advantage of 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing™.  The system automatically sponsored each and every one of these people without so much as a phone call from me. With this simple, duplicatable, foolproof system, anybody can jump-start their business like I have."
    --- Wayne Lomax, Tennessee ---


  • "I'm a newcomer to computers..  and newcomer to the Internet..
    For the past ten years I've worked 2 full-time jobs just to stay Just Over Broke (J.O.B.).  I have also worked numerous MLM programs over the years.  It seems I was always struggling just to replace the members who were quitting each month.

    Then I found 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing.  I found it to be very user friendly and with the help of my sponsor I was able to program a set of personalized informational messages that are delivered 
    automatically on a predetermined schedule.  Now all we do is import our new leads each month and let the system do the work.  We now have the time to spend training, coaching, and nurturing our growing team. 

    We get fresh leads each month... the people are very responsive and by referring others our marketing costs are eliminated.  Thanks to the 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing our team is growing along with our FREEDOM!
    --- Karl Lambright, Indiana ---


  • "Thanks to this incredible 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing system 
    our business is growing faster than anything I have ever seen!  The system does 99% of the work for us.  The best part is checking our email in the morning and receiving several "A new member has signed up" messages and we haven't done a thing!  The system is making money for us while we're sleeping!"
    --- Howie Arzt, Vermont ---


    "I have 5 children, and as you can well imagine, the most important commodity in my life is TIME.  Before 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing, I was working 80 hours a week and traveling extensively for business. I was making great money but missing the opportunity to see my kids grow up.

    24/7 has allowed me to cut down on the business travel, increase vacation time, and spend quality time with my children.  Working out of the house allows me to attend their important school and sports events.  And eliminating the 90 minute commute sure hasn't hurt.  I couldn't have done it without 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing.

    24/7 MultiMedia Marketing™ has allowed me to build a worldwide business  while placing an emphasis on time management.  We only work with highly interested prospects and people who  automatically join our business.  We don't waste any precious time cold calling, prospecting and dealing with rejection. And we absolutely love the leverage we get from 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing."
    --- Barry Gruber, North Carolina ---

    "Since employing 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing with my business, I have found out what it takes to really make money on the Internet.  24/7 is completely duplicatible, easy to use and and works better than anything that I've ever seen."
    --- David Greene, Hawaii ---

    "This very same system will be available to you when you join our 24/7 MultiMedia Marketing team.  If you can't make money with this system then you just aren't trying.  Sign up for your system now and let's get started.  The future is very bright!!!
    --- John Egner, New York ---

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